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  Latest News  
  26 April 2017  
  LEX Property Fund  
  The March 2017 quarterly income distribution has been paid out to investors on 26th April 2017.  

For further details email us or call LEX Investor Services on 1800 502 464.

  Funds Closed for Investment  

The table below includes details of property-related investment funds managed by LPML which are now closed to new investors.

Further information on the fund may be accessed by clicking on the name of the fund.

  Unlisted Fund  
  LEX Property Fund  
  A direct property fund investing in a large retail complex comprising the largest single - tenant retail store (27,000 sqm approx) in Perth which is occupied by the IKEA franchisee, together with additional showroom, retail and office space (2,900 sqm approx) adjacent to the new IKEA Store.  
  Funds Open for New Investment  
  Details relating to new investment funds will be displayed here in the near future.