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  26 April 2017  
  LEX Property Fund  
  The March 2017 quarterly income distribution has been paid out to investors on 26th April 2017.  

For further details email us or call LEX Investor Services on 1800 502 464.

  About Company  
  LEX Property Management Limited (LPML) is a specialist property fund manager with a goal to provide investors with opportunities to participate in high income returns and future capital growth from investments in direct property.  
  LPML holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and presently acts as responsible entity for LEX Property Fund (ARSN 123 437 838).  
  The directors of LPML have considerable experience in property funds management and finance. Click here for more information about the directors or select 'board of directors' from the menu.  
  Click here for more details of current investment opportunities or select 'investment funds' from the menu.